Key Features

Unique Benefits of KINTing

Chat Translation*

Send ‘Kung Hei Fat Choy’ to your Chinese friends, ‘Happy Diwali’ to Indian colleagues or ‘Suk San Wan Songkran’ to your Thai buddies in their own language! Just type the message in your default language, select the target language from the drop-down menu and press ‘send’. It is as simple as that!

* To be available soon in the upgraded version.


KINT app is totally flexible and can be customized for a group with as many sub-groups as necessary. In a nutshell, a group can have 100 sub-groups and each of the sub-groups can have 50 or even 100 of its own sub-groups.

No More Misses, No More Blushes!

Never miss birthdays of your friends and blush in embarrassment. Also, no need to cut a sorry face since you won’t miss any important group event. Every time there’s an important event coming up, KINT will send you an ALERT.

Ease Of Communication

Unlike any other existing chat apps, the main admin of a KINT group can communicate with all members (including those in various sub-groups) or with the members of a particular sub-group without disturbing other sub-groups.

How Is KINT Different?

  • KINT helps users to never lose their friends and colleagues and stay connected with them throughout their life.
  • Unlike the existing chatting and messaging applications, KINT allows its users to have full control and flexibility in displaying their contact information.
  • KINT accommodates unlimited number of members in a group as against the limit set by some existing apps. A main group or any sub-group under it can have even tens of thousands of users as its members.
  • Unlimited sub-groups within the main group and unlimited sub-groups within a sub-group is a feature unique to KINT.
  • However large a group is, KINT takes only a split second to update data or process information without any problem.
  • Unlike other apps, KINT is completely free of boring advertisements, harmful spam, fake friend requests and hassles of the sort.

Other Benefits of KINT

Admin Controls

A group administrator can register new users and fill their contact details. The admin can also send alerts, notifications and reminders to particular people or everyone in the group.

User Controls

Users can control and update their own information so others have the relevant contact details and the information they want them to see.

Easy Deployment

Deployment of KINT is as easy as ABC. Users can install and start using the app by following four simple steps:

  1. Download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Add your mobile phone number and enter your password
  3. Get OTP on your phone and insert it for confirmation
  4. Open the app and enter your group

Other Features

Registration and Login

It is easy to set up KINT for large organizations as well as smaller groups.

The structure can easily be customized as per the specific needs of your organization.

Once your organization has created an account, users can download the app, log in using their email or phone number, and create their personal profile. You are the one who can decide what others can see in your profile. Once that is done, you can start posting, announcing, calling or chatting. So, let’s keep in touch!

Group List

KINT is perfect for Groups of any size.

Chances are you will be a KINT member of more than one group, your school, your club, and more. On this page you can quickly get an overview of all the different KINT groups you are a member of and how many users are there in each group. You can be a member of as many KINT groups as you like.

Members List

It’s easy to see who all the members in each of your groups.

Select a group, and you will see a list of all the members of the group, with their names and pictures.

See someone you want to get in touch with? Just one little tap on their name and you can view their profile, chat, email or call your friend.

Have fun KINTing!

Sub-Group View

It’s great to keep in touch with everyone in the group, but often you will want to divide the main group into smaller units.

With KINT you can have as many sub-groups as you need. There is no limit.

On this page you view the different sub-group you are a member of.

Chat List

This is the gateway to your world of amazing friends you regularly chat with. Besides chatting, you can keep track of them whenever you like.

Tap on your friends’ names to

  • View their profiles
  • Mark any of them as ‘favorite’ and move them to the top of the list
  • Hide or unhide anyone
  • Delete anyone from the list

Chat Window

Chatting is a fantastic way to keep in touch with friends all over the world. In addition to all other regular features, you can now:

Send Auto-translated Messages

Receive Auto-translated Messages

Chatting has never been so fun….enjoy KINTing!

Birthday Alert

Forgetting friends’ birthdays is something nobody likes. But sometimes it happens and it is so sad and embarrassing. But it’s not a matter of worry for KINTers because the app sends reminder one day before your friends’ birthdays. Along with your birthday wishes, you can send beautiful birthday greetings and gifts.

Notification View

As a group administrator, you can send notifications to all members in your group and sub-groups. You can post events, news, reminders, group policies, etc.

You can also assign dates for your posts, so they will show up on the built-in calendar.

Users can also post personal notifications and reminders.

Events Calendar

Do you want to find out what activities have been planned by your group? Do you want to schedule your personal activity during the coming month? No problem. Check out the Events Calendar. Group events and reminders are posted in green, while your own events and reminders are posted in red.


Update your profile whenever needed.

Tap your profile picture to update your pic. If you change your phone number or move to a new address, your friends won’t lose touch with you. Just revise the information here and it will automatically update on your friends’ phones as well.

Other settings on the Settings Page include:

  • Select Language
  • View List of Blocked Users
  • View List of Hidden Users
  • Log Out