About Us

P.M. Kalai – Founder of Perumal T&T (Thailand) Co., Ltd.



KINT was born out of a desire to help people ‘Keep in Touch’ with friends and never lose them for life! KINT is the brainchild of Perumal Technology & Telecommunication (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Founder Mr. P.M. Kalai.


KINT helps people to stay connected for life. The app allows you to access full information about members of your batch, group, team or colleagues, etc. wherever they are in the world.


KINT is completely free of annoying advertisements, harmful spam, fake friend requests, offensive messages, so the users can enjoy the fun of keeping in touch in its true letter and spirit!

The Company Behind KINT

‘KINT’ is a unique community building application developed by a team of experts at Perumal Technology & Telecommunication (Thailand) Co., Ltd. PT&T is Thailand’s fast-growing provider of innovative messaging,  back-up, and security applications for mobile phones. PT&T also provides solution-based apps in the fields of communication, leadership and people management, used by businesses, organizations, government departments and institutions.

In the last 15 years, PT&T designed and developed many exciting and successful apps. A few years ago, we partnered with AIS, Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator, to develop AIS Cloud+, a feature-rich security and storage app for their millions of customers across the country.

What We Believe

Our Mission

At KINT, our mission is to provide a truly private and secure application that helps people build and nurture communities for life.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most preferred application for mobile phones that helps users to ‘Keep in Touch’ with their friends forever.

What Inspired KINT

KINT was inspired by the Company Founder Mr. P.M. Kalai’s desire to reunite with his schoolmates. Kalai hailed from Jasine Secondary English School (JSES) in the erstwhile Colonial city of Malacca in Malaysia. He was a student of JSES-68 batch of 1968.

A resident of Thailand for the last 35 years, Kalai visits his ancestral home in Malacca every year. During one of his trips back home, he met his JSES-68 batch mate Dinesh. As they were meeting after more than four decades, the two friends looked at each other curiously, while their jaws dropped in awe. For a minute, they were lost for words!

They were overwhelmed by surprise, while trying to match each other’s face with the one they remembered from their childhood days. Finally, after recognizing each other, they recovered from the (pleasant) shock and hugged each other hard and tight as their eyes filled with tears.

Drawing inspiration from their historic meeting, he decided to develop a real-time application so that all his friends could remain connected throughout their life.  He returned to Bangkok and immediately put his software development team on the job.

Being the Chairman of PT&T, he wanted the app to be unique, secure and truly private unlike the existing chat/messaging applications. It should be completely free of spam, advertisements and, most importantly, ‘fake friend requests’. Also, it should be capable of accommodating unlimited number of members in a particular group and automatically updating their contact information, including mobile phone numbers, emails and physical addresses.

Soon, the application was ready with all the features as desired. It was aptly christened ‘KINT’, which stands for ‘Keep in Touch’. The team created ‘JSES-68’ group and enrolled Kalai and his friends as its members. In no time, news about ‘JSES-68’ spread to Malacca and KL and many more members of the ‘JSES-68’ batch joined the group.

Ever since their links were reestablished, the friends have begun ‘KINT’ing each other. On a regular basis, they share moments of joy and happiness with their other friends, exchange wishes on festive occasions, send birthday greetings, post photographs with their grandchildren and much more.

Thus the childhood buddies, who were out of touch for more than four decades, were united again, thanks to ‘KINT’. Now, for many years to come, they will remain…..

….. friends forever, to be lost never!

JSES-68 Batch Then

Students of a class from JSES-68 batch. Seen in the picture in the second row 2nd from left is Lorna Bateman.

JSES-68 Batch Now

Ms. Lorna is seated third from left.

Some of the friends of the JSES-68 batch are seen at a reunion recently organized by Mr. P.M. Kalai at his house in Malacca. Can you recognize who is Lorna Bateman here?