KINT - Keep in Touch - for Life!

Keep in Touch...

…with your buddies, schoolmates, colleagues and all your favorite groups


with KINT… will remain…..

..…friends forever, lost never!


What is KINT and why did we create it?

How many communities are you a member of?

Communities are everywhere. People have a strong desire to be an integral part of something around them that’s greater than themselves.

We want to belong to and be accepted as members of a group or community, whether it is classmates, local church, biker gang, car club or a sports association

KINT is made specifically to build and grow such groups and communities.

KINT is...


KINT is easy to install and use, and easy for admins to keep track of members.


Because KINT is for closed groups, there is no spam, no viruses or fake friend requests.


KINT makes it convenient for communities to stay together, united, be in the know, and thriving.


KINT is completely flexible and works perfectly the way a group admin wants.

Unlimited Members, Sub-Groups

KINT can easily accommodate unlimited members in a group and unlimited sub-groups in a group as well as unlimited sub-groups within a sub-group.

What is KINT

  • KINT is a community building application that will help users to ‘Keep in Touch’ with friends and never lose them for life!
  • KINT helps people to stay connected for years and years to come.
  • Access full information about members of your batch, group, team or colleagues and recognize them with updated photos.
  • Stay connected with them wherever they are in the world!
  • KINT is completely free of annoying advertisements, harmful spam, fake friend requests, offensive messages and hassles of the sort.
  • KINT users can enjoy the fun of keeping in touch in its true letter and spirit!


KINT updates your contact list accurately and automatically. Say good bye to manual updating and save your valuable time.


Admins can control how the group should function. They can send notifications to particular people or everyone in the group.


KINT allows more than one administrator to control the flow of information in a group. Multiple admins can collaborate to ensure that their group information is always up to date.


KINT lets its users to be more productive through sharing of relevant information within groups. You can access media, including documents, pictures, audio and video files, that are specifically shared with you.

Privacy and Security

All user information and data exchanged in KINT groups is safe and secure since KINT employs a high level AES 256-bit double encryption.


The administrator of a group can broadcast announcements to specific users or the entire group with a simple click of button.


Chat or communicate with people in your group with ease and security. Have all your friends within your easy reach no matter how far away they are.


Easily connect with your friends by just click of a button. You can rest assured that your calls and messages will always be sent to the intended person every time.

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